A big thank you goes out to Phyllis at Internal Fitness! I have suffered with chronic constipation for over 8 years. It started my second year of college. It possibly could have been stress induced, however the actually cause is unknown. Over the years, I have seen many different doctors and specialists, each one giving me a different diagnoses and different diet plans to follow or medication to take; none of which worked. I can’t even begin to tell you how many gallons of water I drank, because that’s what I was told was the “magically” cure. Maybe for some people, but not for me! I heard about colon cleansing through a friend and immediately became very curious. I decided to give it the all or nothing approach. I invested in the full 12 sessions. Just after a few visits, I noticed a huge improvement in the way I felt. I felt lighter, happier and more energetic. The more I continued the treatments the better I became. I wouldn't say I am cured from constipation. However, it was a great experience that I don’t regret, because I have noticed improvement, and that is all I can ask for. I do look forward to keeping up with the cleansing on more of a maintenance basis. Thanks again Internal Fitness! Jenna B.

I am a 25-year-old female, and for years I have had trouble having a bowel movement.  I tried everything from laxatives to homemade remedies, such as Epson salt and hot water, none of these seem to do the trick.  So finally I tried colon cleansings, after trying colon cleansing, not only did I feel better, but I started having bowel movements regularly.  After my third colon cleansing and following a healthy diet, I lost 10 pounds in 2 ½ weeks.  Not only does colon cleansings clean your body but also it gives you energy. 

PJ; Moore, SC

My name is Rita and I am a thirty-seven year old female.  I learned about Internal Fitness after hearing a co-worker talking about the benefits of having your colon cleansed.  At first I was skeptical, but one day I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did.  I never realized all of the benefits of having a colon cleansing done.  But to my surprise after about four treatments I noticed how rested I felt.  I didn’t require as much sleep as before.  At work I use to snack all the time, but now I don’t crave the sweets as much.  I’m more alert and energized than before. 

Thank you,
Internal Fitness

Rita S.

I have always had a problem with constipation and have tried many different methods over the years for relief.  I had heard about colon cleansing as a solution for chronic constipation, but wasn’t sure how it worked.  When I discovered that there was a local colon hydrotherapy office in the area, I made an appointment for consultation with Phyllis Woods of Internal Fitness.

I was very pleased with the quality service I received from Phyllis from day one.  I called her on a weekend day in 2008, and asked a lot of questions about the process.  She was very patient, knowledgeable, and professional, making me feel at ease.  To my surprise, she also provided her cell phone number for me to call in case I thought of additional questions later.

During the first colon cleansing (term for colon cleansing treatments), Phyllis escorted me to a “spa-like”, private room, gave me simple instructions, answered my questions, and made sure that I was comfortable before she left the room.  She was always accessible at the touch of a button.  The room had the most soothing and relaxing setting complete with soft music and fresh scents.   Moreover, Phyllis did not make me feel rushed, and provided a warm blanket and incline pillow at my request.

After the colon cleansing, I was amazed at how much lighter and more energetic I felt!  Prior to the colon cleansing, I was sure I had built up a lot of toxins in my body from so many years of irregularity.  As a result, I signed up for 12 consecutive treatments that were easily affordable, because Phyllis allowed me to pay in installments. 

Each week, I was excited about receiving my treatments, so I could continue to feel vibrant and healthy.  After each colon cleansing, I would go home, prepare dinner, then start cleaning things, like kitchen appliances--and emptying trashcans--all while dinner was cooking.  I didn’t realize it at first, but I became aware that the extra boost of energy that I felt was the result of having had the colon cleansing!  I also noticed that my skin looked healthier and I lost inches from my waist.  Other people noticed it, too!

In addition to the 12-week colon cleansing sessions, I also received foot detox and sauna treatments—all of which produced similar, positive results.  After receiving a series of foot detoxes, I observed that there were fewer toxins present in my body.

Currently, Phyllis has placed me on a maintenance plan that allows me to schedule colon cleansing once per month or as needed, with which I have been pretty consistent.  In addition, I try to schedule foot detoxes at the same time.  My daughter has also begun receiving both colon cleansing and foot detox treatments, and is very pleased with the results as well.

Recently, Phyllis and her husband attended my 30th wedding anniversary celebration.  I introduced Phyllis to my husband—the love of my life—as the “colon cleansing lady”.  I am grateful that I called the “colon cleansing lady” that weekend day.  Not only did I meet someone who could help me feel better, but I also met a good friend who cares enough to educate me about caring for my body the right way.

Respectfully submitted,
N. Jeter

I am so grateful for Internal Fitness! The guidance of Phyllis in the colon cleansing treatments have been a life changing experience. When I first went in I had backaches, restless legs, sleeplessness, hip joint pain and was constipated along with being over weight. After just a few visits I started noticing that some of my problems started to ease up. Then the more I went the better I became. Now, after several treatments I have started losing weight and all the other problems have just disappeared. I couldn't believe that by not having normal bowel movements would cause so many problems. I will continue to see Phyllis on a regular maintenance program. Thank You so much Internal Fitness!

Deborah K.

I am a Cancer survivor who walked into Internal Fitness full of chemo & medication pollutant.  I had foggy brain, feet numbness, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, tiredness, skin eruption, and female imbalance.

Needless to say, I saw a swift difference in my health after three treatments and after months of merging each treatment together; my energy and health level reached abundant

Phyllis professionalism, discreteness, compassion, and expertise made every treatment a pleasant one.  As a Health Coach myself, I recommend using all 3 detox plans now before you become a victim of illness later.

Ms. P. W.   (2014)
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