Welcome to Internal Fitness located in Simpsonville, South Carolina.  We invite you to explore our site and discover natural alternatives to better health.

We know that our bodies possess the wisdom needed to restore health and well-being. As a natural health facility, our responsibility is simply to support you in that process. We don’t try to do for the body what the body is inherently capable of doing for itself. Instead, we work to reconnect the body with its own healing powers. Internal Fitness invites you to come experience our unique wellness services that will help you restore and renew your body.


Our services are based on the philosophy that our bodies strive for harmony and balance.  Since we live in a world that is increasingly toxic, it becomes more and more difficult for our body’s to fulfill its natural function to detoxify and eliminate these unwanted pollutants.

We also believe a healthy body naturally depends on the maintenance of a healthy digestive system is the foundation for a healthy body.

Come in today and begin your journey to well-being in a discreet, professional environment. Experience a new level of health at Internal Fitness.  We believe that health and well-being begin from within.  Achieve internal cleansing and detoxification via Colon Cleanse.

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